Third Slam

The third Munich Science Slam took place in March 2019.

The presentations skills workshop was hosted by the Max Planck Institutes of Neurobiology/Biochemistry and IMPRS-LS made sure that we had enough snacks and cold beverages to keep our workshop participants’ brains active and engaged. Having learned from the previous two events, we now decided that 5 minutes is about the right length for a Munich Science Slam talk - enough time to deliver the right amount of information, but also short enough to keep the listeners’ attention throughout the whole event.

The Science Slam event took place once again at JetBrains Event Space with plenty of pizza, drinks, constructive discussions and in a relaxed atmosphere. For this event, we thought of two innovations that actively involved the audience in the Slam. Firstly, a randomly chosen - and of course voluntary - audience member summarized the talk in his or her own words. Of course the volunteers had to emphasize what they had learned and what they had especially loved about the talks. Secondly, the audience rated each talk’s “consistency", “novelty", “persuasiveness” and “engagement". Based on these results, Duncan Mearns’ talk “Bite-Size is Better - Lessons from the Zebrafish Larva” was awarded the prize for best talk.

The talks gave us many new and interesting insights into the vast world of science. With attention grabbing topics such as “How to catch a criminal with mathematics”, “Recycling might just save us all” and “How our body influences our brain” we were not at all in the mood for the “Schlafen (proteins)". During the breaks, the speakers were available for questions, but audience members were also discussing their research intensely. After the official part of the event, everybody was invited to an afterparty by the PhDNet Hub Munich at the Provisorium Bar where scientific discussions were deepened while sharing one or two more glasses of beer.

After the good vibes at this event, we couldn’t wait to hold the next slam in summer and were looking forward to many new and exciting topics.

Presentation Skills Workshop

  • Location: Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology/Biochemistry
  • Attendance: 9 People

Want to participate, but don't have a talk ready? Have a topic, but not sure how to begin? No worries! In this 4-hour intensive workshop, we'll apply "design thinking" methodologies to the time-tested 3-act essay structure, producing and testing a passionate lightning talk as a group.

Pre-Slam Rehearsal

  • Location: Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology/Biochemistry
  • Presentation Practice: Give the full talk! Get feedback, have a discussion, and polish your talk!
  • Attendance: 6 People

During the rehearsal, our speakers have the chance to practice their talks. The rehearsal happens in a relaxed atmosphere with pizza and drinks provided. Not only the workshop teachers give constructive feedback on the talks, but also all other speakers are encouraged to apply what they have learned during the workshop and help their team mates to improve their talks!

Science Slam Main Event

  • Location: JetBrains Event Space
  • 90-Second Summaries: What was the main talk about? What did you personally learn? What did you like about it? As part of our "Feedback is Everything" focus, after each talk, a brave audience member comes to the stage and gives a spontaneous review!
  • 5-Minute Full-length talks: This time, our only talk length. Just long enough to share interesting science, not long enough to get lost in the details!
  • Live Feedback Analysis: The slammer were rated by "Consistency", "Novelty", "Persuasiveness" and "Engagement" in an real-time feedback online-rating platform.
  • Attendance: 110 People

In our Science Slam Event, our speakers finally present their talks!