Fourth Slam

For the fourth science slam, we got our most diverse group yet, including an ever-wider pool of Munich research graduate students from physics, molecular biology, neurobiology, and astronomy, but also a group of international students from the []([Backyard Brains]( Summer School! The event seems to grow each time we put it on; this time, our presentation skills workshop was the largest we have done yet, with 25 participants in Google’s Isar Valley event space, not to mention a packed house at the JetBrains Event Space with over 100 researchers at the slam itself. We found bean bag chairs, clustered, laughed together, and raced for the pizza! The talks were intense and passionate; thank you to all the speakers for giving such inspiring presentations!

At the same time, our organizing team began a new goal: to assemble all the components of our event into a package that could be shared with the wider international community. Including social media promotions for our speakers, the curriculum of the workshop and the data collection and analysis tools themselves, we began enumerating the ingredients of our science slam event and started learning how to be more effective event organizers. We still had a few things to iron out: a new audience feedback system and a more-detailed data analysis system (this time, both Google tools).

We look forward to the next event, where we plan to begin the next stage of our team’s development and to grow as science communication platform. See you next time!

Presentation Skills Workshop

  • Location: Google Isar Valley Event Space
  • Attendance: 25 People

Want to participate, but don't have a talk ready? Have a topic, but not sure how to begin? No worries! In this 4-hour intensive workshop, we'll apply "design thinking" methodologies to the time-tested 3-act essay structure, producing and testing a passionate lightning talk as a group.

Pre-Slam Rehearsal

  • Location: Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology
  • Presentation Practice: Give the full talk! Get feedback, discussion, and ideas on how to develop it further!

During the rehearsal, our speakers have the chance to practice their talks. The rehearsal happens in a relaxed atmosphere with pizza and drinks provided. Not only the workshop teachers give constructive feedback on the talks, but also all other speakers are encouraged to apply what they have learned during the workshop and help their team mates to improve their talks!

Science Slam Main Event

  • Location: JetBrains Event Space
  • 5-Minute Talks: This time, our only talk length. Just long enough to share some science, not long enough to get lost in the details!
  • 90-Second Summaries: What was the main talk about? What did you personally learn? What did you like about it? As part of our "Feedback is Everything" focus, after each talk, an audience member comes to the stage and gives their review!
  • Attendance: 150 People

In our Science Slam Event, our speakers finally present their talks!

Slam Afterparty

  • Location: Red Pepper

After all the hard work, it's time to unwind! Join the MSS team and speakers for drinks and food and talk late into the night!